Repair Corrupt Outlook OST File

How to Fix Corrupt OST File?

OST file stands for Offline Storage Table, which allows the user to continue their work on Outlook even application is disconnected from Exchange Server. Even you can compose new mails, save them in drafts, read or delete existing mails, etc. Once the internet connection is established, whatever changes you have made to the Outlook OST file gets automatically synchronized with Exchange server. But, more frequently you start getting errors while trying to synchronize your Outlook OST file with the Exchange Server. Are you encountering unexpected error messages while trying to synchronize Outlook OST file with MS Exchange Server? Searching reliable tool to repair inaccessible or corrupt Outlook OST file? If yes, then stop getting annoyed and simply download and install Repair Corrupted Outlook software within few clicks.

This software has been specially designed to fix severely damaged Outlook OST file and retrieve Outlook emails and other attributes such as notes, contacts, tasks, schedule, calendar items, reminders, RSS subscriptions, etc with great ease. You make use of this simple user interface to carry out through scanning of severely damaged Outlook OST file to restore deleted or lost items on MS Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 with ease.

Reasons behind Outlook OST file corruption:

  • OST file header corruption: Most of the people prefer to compact their data to reduce the size of OST file. Whenever you try to compact OST file, during the process OST header consist of file name, created date, time, etc gets corrupt. This can make the OST file inaccessible result in data loss.
  • Exchange server crash: Sometimes, while synchronizing Outlook OST file with the Exchange server, during the process if Exchange server gets crashed due to sudden power failure. This can severely damage OST file result in data loss.
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook application: As usual OST file is being stored in Outlook and you can easily access all the Outlook attributes. But, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you end up sudden termination of Outlook application while accessing OST file. This can lead to corruption of OST file making them completely inaccessible.

In order to overcome these above mentioned scenarios, you need to regularly backup Outlook OST files and always use genuine antivirus software to remove viruses from your system. But, unfortunately sometimes you forget to take proper backup of OST file, in such case don’t get upset!! Because there is a reliable tool named as Repair corrupted Outlook software capable to fix severely damaged and inaccessible Outlook OST file. Even utilize this software to fix encrypted and password protected and highly compressed OST files with ease. In addition, for more information regarding how to repair damaged PST file simply click here

No matter, even if ScanOST.exe fails to mend your corrupt Outlook OST file, no need to get panic!! As you can fix it using this award winning software to fix OST file corrupted due to any reason such as synchronization error, sudden power surge, etc. Moreover, use this hassle free approach to know more about how to fix Outlook 2010 profile, simply visit here Apart from Outlook 2010, even you can precisely fix corrupt OST file on MS Outlook 2003, 2007, etc versions using this software. Furthermore, you can repair corrupt Outlook OST file on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc.

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Steps to repair corrupt Outlook OST file

Step 1: You have to download Repair Corrupted Outlook tool on your system and install it then run this tool to repair corrupt Outlook OST file as shown in figure A.

Fix Corrupted Outlook OST File - Home Wizard

Figure A: Home Wizard

Step 2: Choose corrupted or damaged Outlook OST file to as shown in figure B.

Damaged Outlook OST File Repairer - Choose PST File

Figure B: Choose OST File

Step 3: The list of recovered Outlook items will be displayed as shown in figure C.

Fix Damaged Outlook OST File - Recovered Outlook Items

Figure C: Recovered Outlook Items