Repair Damaged Outlook PST File

Easiest Way to Fix Damaged PST File

In these days, email becomes an important part of individual as well as business communication. There is a wide range of applications used in mailing process. Outlook is one of such utilities, which is available with Microsoft Office suit. It is very useful to manage emails and other different information like contacts, notes, calendar, journal etc. To store all this information, Outlook uses a special type of file called PST file. Like any other types of file, a PST file may also be corrupted or damaged because of different reasons. If PST file is damaged in any circumstances, you will not be able to access your emails or any other information on Outlook. Then, you need to repair damaged Outlook PST file to access your important information from your Outlook profile. This Outlook Repair Tool will be the better choice to repair a damaged PST file in different circumstances.

There are many reasons behind corruption of PST file, some of which are stated below:

  • Improper termination of Outlook is a vital reason behind corruption of PST file. Due to sudden power outage or crash of MS Office application, Outlook is terminated abnormally. In such critical condition, Outlook PST file are easily corrupted.
  • When you are sharing PST file over internet and make some changes on that file, it may be corrupted due to faulty network connection. In such case, you may think how to repair corrupted PST file with ease. No need to worry, use this application to repair corrupted Outlook PST file effortlessly.
  • PST file may also be corrupted if it gets oversized. Size of PST file in every version of Outlook is predefined. Due to unlimited storing of emails with large attached information, it may get oversized. For Outlook 2007, if size of PST file is more than 20 GB, it will be damaged. Then, you have to utilize this application to fix damaged PST. You can use this link for more help:
  • You may also end up with corrupted PST file after header corruption, bad sector on the disk, improper compression of PST file, virus infection, error during upgradation of Outlook etc. In each of these situations, you cannot access any information from your Outlook profile without repair damaged Outlook PST file.

To avoid such data loss circumstances, it is always useful to keep a back up of your PST file regularly. It keeps you safe from severe data loss circumstances in different situation. Always use a powerful anti-virus in your system to get rid of virus infection.

After taking ample safety, if your Outlook PST is damaged, immediately go for this Repair Corrupted Outlook for successful recovery. Using this application you can repair damaged Outlook PST file on office Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. With PST file repair, it also recovers all attributed of your Outlook profile very efficiently. It provides an easy user interface to repair damaged Outlook PST file in simple steps. Even, if do not know the location of corrupted PST file, it will help you to find the file and repairs it. Not only PST file, you can also use this application to fix OST file all major versions of Windows computer. To know more about OST file repair, visit this link:

Note: Make it easy to restore Deleted Items from Outlook 2010 with this app. Just have a click on and perform fastest recovery.

Steps to Repair Damaged Outlook PST File:

Step 1: Download and install this PST repair application on your computer. After launching it, select appropriate option from main screen.

Repair Damaged Outlook PST File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the damaged PST file using the "Browse" option as shown in fig 2.

Fix Corrupted PST File - Select PST File

Fig 2: Select Damaged PST File

Step 3: After completion of repair opearation, you can see all its contentes as shown in below figure.

Damaged Repair Tool - Recovered Outlook Items

Fig 3: Recovered PST File Items