Repair Corrupted Outlook

  • Most comprehensive tool to repair corrupted Outlook PST file on all versions of Windows based computers
  • Finds PST file, in case if you don’t know the exact location of PST file on your hard drive
  • Effectively repairs severely corrupted PST files which are not repaired using Inbox repair tool provided with Microsoft Outlook
  • Simple and reliable tool to repair Outlook 2010 profile from all versions of Microsoft Outlook
  • Facilitates to recover emails which are even deleted from Deleted Items folder of your Outlook profile

Have you witnessed the situation where your Outlook profile refuses to open?

Microsoft Outlook is the most integral part of everyone’s life. It plays vital role while sending or receiving emails. Besides emails, it stores various advanced attributes like contacts, journals, tasks, reminders etc. However, in spite of being an advanced and trustworthy tool, sometimes Outlook crashes due to sudden system shutdown. Moreover, Outlook crash results in PST file corruption. Needless to say, when PST file corrupted, all your Outlook data becomes inaccessible. In such critical instances, you need to use an efficient repair tool. Repair Corrupted Outlook is one such strong and reliable software which helps to repair corrupted or damaged Outlook PST files.

Following are the few most common scenarios where Outlook PST file gets corrupted:

  • Most people prefer to compact their Outlook data to reduce the size of PST file. Whenever you try to compact PST file, if any errors occurs then it may lead to corruption of Outlook PST file.
  • There are some unprotected email servers which easily let malicious virus or malware to enter through them. Sometimes while accessing emails, if you encounter such servers, there are chances of PST file getting infected by the malicious virus. Once PST file is infected, it will involuntarily slow down the working of Outlook and results in Outlook data loss.
  • For different versions of Microsoft Outlook, different PST file size limit has been assigned. If Outlook PST file size exceeds the desired storage capacity then it results in PST file corruption and its inaccessibility.
  • Sometimes while accessing Outlook profile, if your computer shuts down abruptly due to sudden power failure, there are chances of r PST file corruption is more.
  • The PST file header stores complete information about PST file like time and date of creation, size etc. If it gets corrupted or damaged by getting infected from some harmful threats then it results in inaccessibility of Outlook PST files and huge loss of important Outlook data.
  • If you share a PST file over a network or remote server there are chances of it being corrupted due to changes made by multiple users. While transferring or sharing PST file if there is any power failure then also PST files get corrupt.

Best Features of Repair Corrupted Outlook application

  • Most efficient tool to undelete Outlook emails, contacts, journals, files, folders, tasks, reminders, calendar items, RSS feeds, meeting requests etc.
  • Simply repair corrupted, damaged, password protected, highly compressed PST files of any size.
  • Effectively repair corrupt Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and all other versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Comes up with advanced real time preview option to view the repaired Outlook items through style browser.
  • Comes up with free trial version to estimate the efficiency of corrupt Outlook repair.
  • User manual of this tool provides complete information about how to mend Outlook PST file in few simple mouse clicks. In case of you want to know about how to mend Outlook 2007 PST file then click here

Recent Updates:

Repair Corrupted Outlook software is recently upgraded to new version that can delete temporary files from Outlook 2010. To perform this operation with ease, visit:

This software provides Outlook users an excellent way to recover lost or deleted emails from corrupt PST file. A smart one-click solution to retract emails from damaged, unreadable, inaccessible or corrupted Outlook PST file. Click on regarding any help while retrieving emails with this application.

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Often Outlook users manage to delete important emails and other information from Deleted Items folder. This software is upgraded with advanced technology to make it easy to recover Deleted Items from Outlook 2010 and other versions. You can also get back all deleted emails and other items from Outlook 2010 after a click on

Steps to repair Microsoft Outlook

Step 1: Download Repair Corrupted Outlook and install it on your system then run the tool to open its main window as shown in figure 1.

Repair Corrupted Outlook - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select corrupted Outlook PST file to start repair process as shown in figure 2.

Repair Corrupted Outlook - Select PST File

Figure 2: Select PST File

Step 3: Finally, you will see the list showing recovered items as shown in figure 3.

Repair Corrupted Outlook - Recovered Outlook Items

Figure 3: Recovered Outlook Items